Cold weather can significantly impact your home’s energy efficiency. As temperatures drop, it is essential to consider how to maintain a warm and comfortable home without spiking your energy bills. One practical approach is to invest in cold-weather door accessories that prevent drafts and conserve heat. Here’s a rundown of some door accessories you should consider for your exterior and garage doors.

Weather Stripping

Opt for self-adhesive foam weather stripping to seal gaps around your doors and windows. This strategy prevents the chilly air from finding its way into your home, thus helping to retain the warm air indoors. Installing this type of weather stripping is straightforward, promising moderate to high levels of insulation.

Door Draft Stopper

A door draft stopper, also known as a door sweep, is a brilliant tool to barricade the bottom of your door. This one-sided accessory prevents drafts and keeps the cold air at bay, making it the ultimate energy efficiency accessory. Ensure you opt for a draft stopper with a foam tube diameter that fits your door gap perfectly.

Garage Door Seals

Shield your garage from the cold using garage door seals. When you install these, you prevent cold air from penetrating your garage and creeping into your home. Conveniently, garage door seals are readily available online and at home improvement stores.

Door Shoe

Add an extra layer of protection with a door shoe. This feature, consisting of a vinyl C-shaped insert, shields the area under the door, making it a formidable opponent against uneven openings and gaps. Some even come with replaceable vinyl inserts, offering extended usability.

Fin Seal

A fin seal features a Mylar fin centered in a pile, making it ideal for aluminum sliding windows and glass doors. Though it promises durability, installation might be somewhat challenging, requiring meticulous attention to detail.

Interlocking Metal Channels

Consider interlocking metal channels to enhance your weather-proofing efforts. Though installation demands critical alignment and possibly professional assistance, the unbeatable weather seal it provides makes it worth the investment. These are great for exterior doors and will give you the enhanced energy efficiency you need.


In conclusion, as you gear up for the cold season, safeguarding your home against drafts and cold air is paramount. With the right door accessories, you can create a cozy sanctuary while enjoying reduced energy bills. Contact us today! Let’s work together to save energy and keep your home warm this season.